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Headshrync creates html games and remote apps. Play games and apps by Headshrync. These apps are available for Android and Chrome and also available to play here at headshrync.com. Headshrync games include space adventure games like Drone Space Battle, warrior adventure games like Maps and Campaigns, and Headshrync remote control apps like Remote My Chrome.

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NEW: Play 'Drone Mission' now

For Chrome
For Android

Drone Mission is an action/puzzle space game

Select planets to begin new missions.
Collect all flags to complete a mission.
Battle enemy drones, robots, lasers, and mines.
Change gravity and use different lasers to complete tricky levels.
Drones can fly or walk depending on mission.
Drones have force field to block attacks.

Updates with new levels weekly.

Play 'Remote Control Space Drone' now

For Android
For desktop browser
Control a space drone using an Android device or desktop browser as a remote.
Control up to 2 drones and battle.
With a remote, command a drone to fly, walk, attack, activate shield, and talk.

Battle 1 on 1 or play weekly missions.

Play 'Build a Space Drone' now

For Android
For desktop browser
Battle your Space Drone in space and on planets. Battle against other players’ Space Drones.
Build your Space Drone and then conquer each planet.
Upgrade your Space Drone after each battle you win.
When choosing to send your drone to battle you can attempt to conquer a planet or earn upgrades through battles in space.
With your victory earnings, you can customize your Space Drone to battle the way you like.

Play 'Maps and Campaigns' now

For Android
For Chrome
Control a warrior to take over the known world. Fight battles to take villages. Explore the maps - land and ocean - to find new villages, enemies, and weapons.
Fighting: Fight land and sea battles with basic and special attacks from your weapons. Block high attacks by holding your shield high and low attacks by keeping the shield low.
Level up: The more victories won the more powerful you become.
Choose a safe path: Before fighting plan your trip away from mountains, forest, and oceans that will block your path. You can retreat back to starting point during your battles, or retreat back to the last village you have visited.
Villages: Enter a village to save your game, heal, get tips, and for a place to retreat back to.

Remote My Chrome and Phone

For Android
For Chrome
Sends text commands to another device like a remote.
Sends text to all your Android devices and Chrome browsers with the same Remote ID. No sign-up or log-in needed, just open the app. On any Chrome/Android device you can easily remote youtube videos, text, beep sounds, speak text.
Available for Android and Chrome.
Send text from device to device.
Alert and communicate.
Play videos from one device to another.