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Control a warrior to take over the known world. Fight battles to take villages. Explore the maps - land and ocean - to find new villages, enemies, and weapons.
Fighting: Fight land and sea battles with basic and special attacks from your weapons. Block high attacks by holding your shield high and low attacks by keeping the shield low.
Level up: The more victories won the more powerful you become.
Choose a safe path: Before fighting plan your trip away from mountains, forest, and oceans that will block your bath.
You can retreat back to starting point during your battles, or retreat back to the last village you have visited.
Villages: Enter a village to save your game, heal, get tips, and for a place to retreat back to.

When viewing map, the HOUSE button sends the warrior back to the last village.
To MOVE click to a direction.
To BLOCK low or stop moving click on the warrior or the down button.
To ATTACK HIGH click high near the enemy. To ATTACK LOW click low.
To JUMP click high and to any direction.
The M O V E BUTTONS allow the warrior to do special moves.
When on BOAT click low for close range attack, click high for CATAPULT.